Sunday, July 26, 2009

sundae on sunday!!

as i wrote earlier about my exam and that my book still being not with me,i am finally relieved that after sending some emails to the bookshop owner,it is going to be with me by tomorrow.i cant tell how she had made my life know when the exams are looming on your head and you dont have the book from which you need to prepare ,then suddenly how panicky the situation becomes.though the e-books were some solace to me as they too were also important ,this delay also gave me time to prepare them well.i am eagerly waiting to grab that book and start my marathon struggle.

today i was thinking that since the college has not yet opened then ideally what my 'would be batch mates' would be doing ,how they must be spending their times.may be somebody must be watching movie or reading some books,some must be lucky enough to go out on date or catch up with old friends over dinner and here i am,sitting in my room glued to my pc trying to understand some obscure supply chain management and operations technology on this lovely windy noon.

so how do i feel,feel like missing some fun or feel like isolated!i think i am feeling little different but definitely proud over what i am some part yes,thinking ambitiously does make my proud but other than that a majority part of my psyche is in a state of sense of achievement because i have been trying to study this pdf file of 200 pages since yesterday night and it is only this evening at 9 that i have managed to finish it.

this is only because i find management really interesting because here i am seeing things in a macro way and not in a micro way.i see the big picture instead of finding truth about semiconductors.this is really good.but it will take some time for me to understand exactly how should be my approach while dealing with mba is more because they are way too subjective compared to engineering subjects..

nothing is obscure in mba,its all obvious and common sense but one has to ponder a lot and try to imbibe a habit of deep insight in the subject matter and one should try to ask questions with himself and learn to reason it out.this is very helpful in long run.nothing is absolute in mba,it is not that there are empirical formulae and you get that same answer over and over again which happens in engineering,in MBA by approaching the same questions by using different hypothesis you may come to different conclusions and guess what,they may be right..

the idea is to deal this body of knowledge in the way Socrates used to deal with his ideas of philosophy.for the starters to understand what i mean,there is a very good book called ' story of philosophy' by bill durant.
helps in management too.

as for now,going off too sleep with a pleasure feeling of having a brand new book with me..

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