Monday, July 20, 2009

CPIM on the way!!!

i know i am bit clumsy in writing blogs which is due to the fact that i am still not hooked to it.i literally have to say myself often that its been long time and its time i should pen down my thoughts.on the positive side,it gives me time to write about the developments happened in my so called bland life.

last few days has been quite good for me..i have a very bad habit of living life with a goal.if i see that there is no aim in my life then i become very frantic and this feeling sets me in the quest for finding one.

i have already written in my previous post that i am planing to do my mba in ops as my i thought that when i still have so much of time with me before my coll starts ,then why should'nt i use this time in doing something constructive,something which adds value to my career.

after bit of research i found that there is a very good certification program meant for people who want to pursue their career in supply chain ,operations,logistics,inventory and not to mention ERP which is very booming nowadays.this certificate is carried on by APICS( and is very much recognized by industries,helps during placements as it give you an edge because of the brand associated with it.

so i have finally decided that i will go for certificate in production and inventory management.this certificate consits of 5 modules after completion of which we can earn CPIM target is to complete all 5 modules withing my MBA time frame so that i can maximally utilize this during my placemnts.i have already started preparing for it and the exam is scheduled to be on 19th sept.
though i still am not in possesion of the book because its not available here in varanasi so i am getting it couried from delhi.that means another 4 days lead time(oops i am already into ops jargons,sorry bout that).

in the meanwhile i have made a plan to finish the book called"the goal" by Eliyahu M. Goldratt.its a very nice book about a factory manager who has got an ambitious deadline of turning around his sick that book he vividly describes about his management techniques .its particularrly useful for people in production and operations..

cant wait to grab my hands on it..

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