Monday, July 27, 2009

webosphere-the big boom!!

i spend a lot of my waking hours on the internet due to my CPIM prep these days and over the time it has struck me that i find this webosphere very exciting space with lots and lots of web potensial due to it web2.0.

the computer is divided into hardware and software,and till some time back these two domains were forte of only few business players only.for eg the hardware was the monopoly of intel processor,desktop pcs with dell and the likes while the software largely dominated by microsoft.but recent times have witnessed a lot of heated competition between emerging players with google playing its cards very well and seeming as serious competitior to Microsoft.

the management of goggle is very aggressive in its plans and they have very good vision and deep insight into the future course of the business.

it started off with its search engine some time back and then it started expanding its footprint in different areas of web with the help of organic and inorganic much so that Microsoft is in shaky position.recently goggle announced that in some time its going to launch its own operating system which will be low cost,will run on lots of different applications and will be able to handle multiple environments,i heard that its going to be licence free like Linux.if that is true it will be very exciting time and it will be a win win situation for consumers.
talking about the web browsers, goggle seems to be taking the lead with its simplistic design of chrome.

the day i started using chrome i liked it because of it being less glossy,minimal complexity and everything seeming so clean and user friendly.i had some bad experiences with Mozilla fire fox as it used to crash quite often and took lots of time to open,while in chrome i get so many features and that too by using less space.

with so much R&D happening and money pouring in internet world,it will be very interesting to see the future course of this domain..

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