Sunday, July 5, 2009

wedding holiday

the morning i returned from vipassana course i had to catch a train for bodh gaya to attend my cousin sister's marriage.i was hardly out of my silence of 10days and was still in that peaceful mode than i had to pack my bags and leave for the journey.though i was looking forward for this trip from quite a long time as i havent attended any mariage from really a long time.

but anyway ,everything was already made ready for me and i just had to change my clothes and get ready for the train.

the marraige was a great holiday for me,i caught up with all my relatives and closed ones whom i had never heard since was another reason for a family reunion.we are a lots of people of more or less same age so it was a rocking time there.

an advantage being that the ceremony was held at historical place called bodh gaya which is where lord buddha recieved enlightenment,another being the fact that the rooms booked with air conditioned which was definitely a respite from such heat which i endured during meditation.

i must say i enjoyed each and every part of the time which i spent there,having fun with everybody ,helping my cousins with the petty jobs which are expected from us,capturing every moment of the ceremonies like mehendi rasm and tilak etc.

it was a good coincidence that dad's bday was on the very next day we arrived so i bought a huge 3 pound cake and with all the realtives present on his bday we celebrated in style.i am sure he must be very happy considering so many people witnessed that event,actually these things bring us all together and helps bring the sense of togetherness within us.

we had so much of fun playing mafia and villagers on the last day.i am bringing back so good memories which will be cherished for a long time.i did not realized when the time passed and it was time for us to leave.

it bought me a good case study to observe how a marriage is planned,what are the rituals,what things are needed,what are the costs incurred and most of all i learned how can you arrange a marriage in the best possible way while keeping your costs low.ofcourse it needs a careful and meticulous planning but with little more amount of careful thought you can make the whole process more easy and smooth.

that's what a manager's thought process like!!

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