Wednesday, August 12, 2009

on a typical day!!

its going to be close to 2months since i am at home.i must say that i am very sure that in future never am i going to get such a long holiday until i retire.long holidays can start becoming boring especially when the destination is home and you have no freinds,no place to hang out.

well i am not grudging about this vacation.i had been longing for this time since last 1 year.yeah its been bit streched though.

so what is my idea of holiday..well ,on an average day i wake up at 9,prepare my breakfast and study till 2(thats because there's no power at home and i am left with no option). of course it can be rightly presumed that my CPIM prep is keeping me on my toes.then have lunch,bathe and do some surfing.if there is any further desire,i do some more of study.but by the time sun starts to set my mom starts to push me to go for jogging(which i find tough because i am too lazy) and i am again left with no option because if i don't go then i am not allowed to open my fridge stocked with all delicacies.

come home,make myself an amazing ginger-lemon-honey tea,have bath and do some serious study until dinner is dinner is my leisure time and i usually spend that time in reading a good novel(peter drucker currently) or solving CAT material(which ironically is my latest fad).and believe me now i can solve in sec(or 30sec) how much is 58796*32468/97856..

if it seems daunting,then one should wait for my blog after i join my there dosent stop by night and its hard work,smart work and living at its max..

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