Sunday, August 9, 2009

reasons why reading is better than watching TV

below are some of the reasons why i prefer reading a good book than watching TV:

1>reading is a serious hobby while TV is not.
2>reading opens your mind while TV makes you more dump.
3>reading lets you think, analyse and develops your mind frame while TV is fast medium and makes you sit dumbstruck.
4>reading is a constructive hobby while TV is destructive.
5>you have infinite options to choose your subject while TV does not.
6> reading makes you more patient,logical,helps improve concentration while Tv does the opposite.
7>reading improves your vocabulary while Tv does not.
8>reading motivates you to write and helps develop a writing style while Tv does not.
9>its a socially acceptable and helps form a good image with people while Tv does the opposite.

some more ill think and post as for now these are sufficient to prove anybody why they should rather read something than watch nonsense.i know there are few people who label me as a book worm ,may be they're right but i think its not a bad to be when you know there are so many advantages of having reading as a hobby!

1 comment:

illusions said...

yes i do agree with wat u say...
even being a couch potato..n also a good reader...
tv does affect with all da ills u talking bout...
but its hard to get away from it...
nyway nice post..!!