Saturday, August 22, 2009

Outliers- Review!!

We all are very much aware that to achieve success we need to do lots of hard work,we must have the will power,perseverence and dedication to achieve that goal.and if we go and find out the IQ of all the succesful people we will see that they have a greater level of IQ than most of the far so good but what we havent observed is that there are still a large group of people living amongst us and largely unheard of but they have an IQ ranging too high and some times the value is above the IQ of highly accaomplished dignitaries.
for example there is a guy called Chris Langan whose IQ when tested came to be close to 180 which is way above Einstein's IQ but wait a it not contradicting our premise about the succes and high IQ analogy.

Why are some people successful and why some people are not when both of them are equally intelligent?
What are the factors which help make a person successful or lets put the question in its fundamental way that what is the story of success?

This is not my eureka query but this is what has been explained in the brilliant book called OUTLIERS by Malcolm Gladwell.i just finished reading it and i am totally impressed by it.its a wonderfully written book in true Gladwell style with full of real life examples.the stories are very well researched and well analysed so the way Gladwell has presented the facts it makes a compelling understanding of what he means to say and helps make his point ingrained in our psyche.

To help understand what this book is all about,Outliers basically means the people who lie differently from the rest of the people in the same group from the set of common parameters like efficiency, success rate etc and etc.

In Outliers we come to know what makes these people so different and and trust me this book very well explains that there are some other factors apart from dedication,will power which has helped them become an Outlier and thus it forces us to think in a very unusual but rational direction to understand it better.

It is a very crisp and light read in a very no nonsense wonder why i found this book in the reading lists of most of the MBA grads of Harvard and Wharton.i liked his Tipping Point and this book made me a even stauncher fan of gladwell.

To avoid the void i have just bought 'Story of Philosophy' by Will Durant and 'Vedanta Philosophy' by Swami Vivekananda.needed a change from the management and light reads so picked philosophy.
I hope i finish it soon as i cant keep my hands off this one!!1

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