Friday, June 10, 2011

Work & Workarounds

And its weekend again. If you have to ask me, how were the past 5days, i have only one word for that...i survived. Yes truly. Last 5days were very rigorous and streesful.each morning when i sue to wake up and read Hanuman Chalisa i use to just pray please help me survive today. And yippy the whole week has past.btw sometimes i really feel that there is a lot and lot of room for my improvement. There are a lot of people around me who work really more than i do and still never show any sign of irritation on their face and my boss is my biggest motivation.
This evening when i went out with him for a coffee he told me that he's got to have his dinner now because he might need to stay in office for quite long in night and besides the fact that he has not seen his son from last 3days.its then it makes me ask myself ,what the hell am i doing in this my commitment towards my job, and if i am going to pursue this infatuation with this luxurious life then it might become my habit and i would never be able to sustain long..All in all, I know one thing very well that i need to rethink the way i see my work and bring bit more energy and output to my job. If not I’ll be ruined soon.

I have couple of takeaways form this week:
·        Take work very seriously now.
·        Always get the work done, no matter how long i need to work, just get it done anyways.
·        Looks does matter, so always make your reports very presentable and with excellent formatting.
·        Try to keep your ego in check, there will be lots of ego clashes and sometimes you need to compromise, but that’s part of work especially when you're working in a team.
·        Last and most important.....never lose your focus and concentrate more well on work.

At last I am home, on Friday evening with next two days ahead and nothing much to do. The question of the day is how I am going to utilize this time. The biggest hazard of weekend in a new country is you can at  times be very lonely  and once you're struck with this bug in mind then you go into a kind of loop and that’s what i need to avoid. So I’ll be keeping myself occupied with reading books, watching some movies ,reading some more, watching a little more movies, shopping ,having my scotch(yes, it’s made in Scotland) and may be going out on beach alone with music as my companion..

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