Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hangover in SIngapore

Okay here is a bold revelation by me about what happened on Saturday night .How crazy can one expect to be on Saturday night with anyone in Singapore.I guess we just achieved a new height of our craziness .Read below.
I met with 2 of my friends at East Coast Park and we planned to have some drinks at an Irish cafe.We drank and drank the whole bottle of Chivas Regal,two of us flirting with the philipino waitress and ending up taking her email address.This much was still not enough and we decided to go to Orchard Towers.One of my friend is a very decent guy who is doing his exec MBA from here and he has never seen the dark side of this city so we decided to give him the real taste of what it is.for those of you who don't know what this place is about,allow me to explain you about it. This place is a 4 storey mall full of strip clubs,pubs and discotheques..All in all you can see the most weirdest things happening right under this building under the blanket of dark night.The moment you will enter the building you will be swamped by hookers and strippers all drooling over you and asking you to buy them a drink..After bit of finding a happening joint we entered into a disc whih was highly illuminated with flashy neon lights with provocative display of nudity outside.When we entered inside we saw so high volume ear deafening rock music ,darkness everywhere,drinks flowing ,lots of sleaze ,lots of censored situations but somehow we struggled to manage a corner table close to the pool table.The moment we took out seats we found girls sitting next to us and trying to flirt around.
I knew it very well the trap and didn't wanted to get into this thing for whole night so I took my beer and couple of tequila shots ,sat listening to music and playing pool with some drunk german guys over there..we must have spend some hour or so time passing like this and when I came back at our Tavel ,I saw of the our friends(d one doing MBA ) who was supposedly one of the most shy and sheedha Sadha was flirting around with this girl,doing all those crap and other guy were just sitting next to him and trying to understand what's happening with him..we had only one job here..he would buy tequila shots for himself n her girl and we would simply sign the cheques..
Anyway to cut long story short,after long drama this guy was so so drunk that he was totally unconscious n asleep.We literally had to drag him on the floor and dump him into the taxi.I took him back to his college ,and there he puked right in front of his administrative building at 5am and somehow I took him to his hostel room.
Next morning he called me and asked me what did i do whole night and how did I came to my hostel room.I was laughing over the entire episode that what we had been throughout the entire night.
Moral of the story:never let a guy get drunk so much when you have to sign his booze bills.

Disclaimer:I am not trying to be any smart ass or some kind of very decent guy but truth is I just went there,had my beer ,played some pool and that's it..I find it more enjoying to have somebody do the things and me laughing over the whole act of foolishness..I feel that's more worthwhile rather than being an Ass..What say?


sid_chilling said...

hangover - 3!

Gaurav Rhyme said...

Quite a night !! That drunk guy made me remember my similar stint at hostel, And U're right about not being an ass....U did the right thing !