Thursday, June 16, 2011

Indian education policy

I am visibly frustrated.Not on myself but on the kind of policies are being shaped up in India that is making India not a global leader but just a fine example of crumbled empire with myopic ideas.
I want to highlight which is really bothering me from last few days.Day before I was reading newspaper and I got to know that in private schools it has become mandatory to enroll 25%lower class students.I am imagining a case that suppose the poor children are being put up in a school where there are very rich children,would it not make them introvert,would It not make them filled with inferiority complex,I think so.More importantly it would also slower down the pace of the learning of the class because it is very obvious that the kind of exposure and the environment the well to do kids would get will be vast different from what the poor kids will attain.
So I Believe that instead of enforcing a policy of this kind it makes more sense for the govt to open up more public school,privatize the administration and make it regulated so that our young children can get access to free and fair open education to get the right kind of environment which is needed for their grooming.we would be amazed that only 9-11%of children between 19-21year old can enrol themselves into the university.This is a shame on us.we have the highest population of young people in our country and we are such a miser to leave them untapped.What is government doing after all?When will they grow up and think about things other than worrying about some fasting babas?

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