Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dhobhi Ghat

What a movie it was.Kiran Rao is truly superb. I am impressed by her imagination and creativity in making this film. A first film written and directed by Indian of authentic international style. I was really mesmerized by the story line, way of narration, the angles of camera, shooting locations and each and every nuances of movie.

This is the movie of Mumbai through different lenses. It is a story of different people living different lives, in their own complex web of emotions, their environments and lifestyles all connecting with each other in some own way. It is a story of Bombay which means different for different people. Its story of life which is so different and so various. I am just over awed by this movie.

A small town Muslim girl who is just married, who is alone and who foolishly displays her innocence by her smiling and naughty face in the cruel world. A girl who is so loner that she lives her life by talking and living with her video camera as her substitute for a husband. A middle class suburb lifestyle portraying little reasons of happiness in small things in this fast faced lonely Bombay life.

It is a story about a thoughtful eccentric divorced painter who lives life in lonely world trying to connect various impulses in his life, who is reserved and chain smoker. It is about a painter to whom the next big inspiration is the ordinary life who wants to explore city through different perspectives.

It a story about a rich investment banker lady who is on sabbatical obsessed with this painter after her one night stand, who is a on a mission to explore real Bombay... a very charming beautiful girl who is in romance with the photography, divorced painter, black Bombay and emotions.

It is a story of this innocent and dreamer laundry guy who dreams of becomes a superstar, who falls in love with this lady. His new found source of happiness lies in being with this lady. The story is about a guy who works as a laundry guy in day time, who sexually satisfies a lonely rich wife living in posh flat, who tries hard to save his night from water drenching shanty ceiling in rainy night and one who is trying to find happiness by quixotically romancing this girl.

It is wonderful story and I believe that this should go to Oscars from Indian side. It exemplifies purely the art of making a movie, a movie which is so classic yet so modern. The joy of watching lies in not observing sequence of events but in exploring a small details, connections and emotions which have bound every part of character. I have seen Hollywood movies of similar nature and I think Kiran has borrowed her theme from those movies. Thumbs up to you Kiran Rao.You are a great mind…

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