Thursday, December 30, 2010

Why Should I Celebrate?

I was born in year 1984 and would be witnessing the usher of New Year for 26th time in my life. So is true with other people with their respective numbers. This is great to know and should be a cause of celebration.Well, people are doing it already see everywhere that there is a joyous vibe, exuberance in the chilly air. Somebody would be going out with friends to a lavish pub; someone would be hitting big hotels opening Sauvignon Blancs’ while some would prefer cozying up at their homes with a small dinner party.

I am not special hence I should celebrate too.....really? In the midst of unending sms beeps in my cellphone, spam emails in my inbox and flashy ads in newspapers and TV I cannot help but think for a minute what this holds for me. What should I celebrate? Is it because we have completed a full year and we are one step closer to our so called final goal? Is it because we have become more mature and have gained wisdom and we will make better decisions in next year? Is it because last year was bit tough and we had tough luck so cheers for bad times or simply because anything new is good so let’s find another irrational cause to celebrate?

unfortunately I don’t lie in any of this so I need to explore what this is for me.well,2010 was pretty good for me comparably because I got newer experiences, delivered big challenges, made some excellent lifelong friendships and to small extent got a better sense of life. That was neat right? Nothing too edgy, no big mishaps, no hard lucks, no big still my question looming large, why should I celebrate?

I am standing at this phase of my life where I see most of my friends working in good organizations, some luckier ones deciding whom to spend their rest of life with (no pets this time) while some have settled abroad and here I am fighting endlessly to get a respectable job, to make a position of my own in this society, to get a purpose of life and of course to know whether I should party on this new years eve or not...but, That’s Life..

honestly I don’t know and this philosophical debate in my psyche shall never find a justifiable conclusion in due time so I guess I shall also have to jump into a mad mad world, shoot down few drinks in an upscale pub on 31st night, mesmerize at the crowd's madness and their acceptance of the fact in their subconscious mind that they too don’t know what this celebration actually means to them. 

Sitting at a cozy sofa in a corner I will see this, I will smile at my ignorance, and I will gulp another drink down to call it my way of celebration.


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