Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Destiny & Drucker

I was never a believer in destiny...My notion was that if you are hard working guy, if you had put in sufficient amount of effort in your work then you will get what you have aspired to. It is because a person gets noticed only when he is having the traits required for that work...Little did I imagine back then that my notion was not only wrong, it was totally inconsequential.
Destiny is a very strong noun. A word whose true meaning and source is still largely unexplained, a word which is totally inverse of logic and reason. If everything in the world has a logic, a pattern then we may label it as a reason but if the outcome of that thing becomes unpredictable then we want to label it as destiny.Intersting thing is to know that sometimes this DESTINY becomes so important force and part of our lives that we want to think too hard on it.
I am facing a situation where I am totally dependent not on my abilities but on destiny. It is GETTING A JOB. No matter how competent you are, no matter how smart and talented you are, your destiny will become the defining force in deciding your career and your job...if your destiny is there then the potential recruiter will call you, if not he will not. If it is your destiny then your interview will go well even though you are terribly diffident.
Anyway I wanted to start my blog after the long come back with this philosophical note. I like reading books so let me share some of the things which I want to. I am currently reading Peter Drucker's ‘Management’. If you ask my recommendation then I would say without any reservations that this is THE book to read if you are an MBA, if you are starting your company or if you are at a managerial position. This is the complete theory of management with excellent cases to justify the theory. I read this book daily but at a very slow pace. The idea of this book is that you should read 1 chapter at once and try to think how you can bring some of the key ideas of the book into your life and experiment, work hard to bring it on.And then read another chapter. This is not a novel and is strongly warned not to read it at one go. It will be a highly injustice to Drucker.
I must say that I have become a fan of Drucker and I now feel that these precious books are my treasure. They should not be picked from library but be brought out straightaway...They are an investment which must be kept high on the bookshelves.
It’s time to get back doing some of the pending work and will come back to you soon.CHAO!!

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