Saturday, March 6, 2010

Internet Vs Cognition

its really disturbing to me when i see people trying to find answers to just each and everything under the sun on internet which they could have otherwise found it easily simply by using their mind.
we need to step back and question ourselves are we too much dependent on technology where we are indirectly dependent on the intellect of few geniuses to such a point that their creation has started to dominate and dictate our lives.
Or we have started to realize that we are just a mindless buggers and internet is a better avenue to give solutions than what our mind could otherwise have?
Are we not trying to demean our power of thought,power of reason and value of the outcome and becoming quixotically happy to get a ready made meal!!

Some common answers people try to look for:
Ohh we have to prepare a poem for this ***,lets google it out..
we have to create a business plan for our restaurent,how do we go about?? your lappy wired??
we've gotta make a collage on INDIA-UNITY IN DIVERSITY by do we do in such less time...hey i've a brilliant abt GOOGLE IMAGES..
i want you to write a essay for this competition..You can take help of internet..

these are just a few examples which i could recall from my daily experiences..i am sure their are lot many which you too must have gone through..i would like to see your ideas on it too..

what i mean to say is that we sometimes forget that the solutions which we look for internet can sometimes be found more faster and of more smarter if we just apply our common sense and give a small thought about it..and i mam sure majority of the time we would end up being more happy about it..dont agree..try it!!(and plzz dont google this out for god's sake))

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murali said...

yup,technology has become part n parcel of our lyf and we are like parasites on it.